Vulnerability Is Energy!

by Elena Brower on March 6, 2012

Vulnerability is energy.

Feeling vulnerable provides us with an energetic, interior momentum of a sort. Vulnerability carries with it a sweetness, even kindness, sometimes longing – all expressions of energy that we can transmute and use towards other choices, other responses, other possibilities.

If you’re feeling vulnerable, fallible, unsure, allow yourself to feel that feeling, and then shift that momentum towards witnessing, seeing yourself differently. This will diminish the repetitive, reactive insecurity and move you toward an understanding you already possess: ALL IS WELL.

~Our strength lies in our vulnerability and our willingness to keep our hearts open in spite of all the painful blows that life throws at us. By allowing your heart to remain open you will not only learn faster and heal faster, but all those delicate and beautiful parts of yourself will begin to flourish.~

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