Spring Equinox 2012

The balsamic moon brings a contemplative mood,one that may prefer spiritual and intellectual pursuits in place of other things. We are in transition from this lunation cycle to the next, and you may feel like withdrawing just a little, as you reflect on all that has gone before you in the past month. As I sat in the final session of the circle where I do volunteer work, I was reminded of all of the cycles that always at play in our life. Everything has a beginning and an end,and would all do well to affiliate ourselves with this fact. There is no point trying to stunt our own growth,just so that we can keep a situation or "cycle" going, that is clearly not serving any purpose in our life. I understand(only too well) that it's human nature to become attached to people and things,but sometimes things have served their purpose, and it's time to move on to new experiences and new beginnings.(The trick is trusting yourself enough to know when.) This does not mean that you overthrow everything to start again. What it does mean is that you look back with thanks and forward with confidence...bringing the rich experiences of what you have learnt previously into the present, and letting go of those behaviours and patterns that keep you from walking into happiness. We're at the end of this lunation phase,and the end of the astrological calender, and the New Moon that is coming up later in the week promises new beginnings,new experiences, and the courage to walk away from what you know is not good for you. Mercury heading back into Pisces will bring some pieces of the puzzle together as new information comes to light and your instincts become sharper,while Mars retrograde in Virgo asks us to be organised and practical about the steps we need to undertake to put us in the right direction. The Autumn/Spring Equinox helps us to understand the importance of balance,and that one polarity cannot operate without the other. Everything that is in your life,whether good,bad, or indifferent,is there for a reason.All external experiences take you on a path that leads you back to self. Things are starting to come together, and what was once fragmented, will now start to be unified. Have compassion for yourself, and compassion for others, and be prepared to be reborn into wholeness.

via Astrology Goddess 

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