Insight on Body Image from Kathryn Budig


I’ve always loved food—cooking, eating, dining out—basically the entire experience. Sharing and preparing food is a way for me to express my love. So as long as it’s always coming from a place of love it’s hard for me to think in an unheatlhy manner. I strive to eat healthy on a daily basis but I’ve also learned where to draw the line. I believe food is meant to be enjoyed, so if you find yourself out to dinner at a fantastic restaurant—enjoy it! You can go back to kale and quinoa tomorrow, but life is meant to be tasted and enjoyed. I’ve also found that the more rigid I am with my diet the more tense my body becomes and it holds onto weight. My body has looked it’s best when I’m eating healthy but also kicking back and drinking beers. The key is that I’m most beautiful when I’m happy so I work on blending my happiness with a sense of adventure and health.

You’re not alone and you can take control of your own happiness. Stop beating yourself up. The more negative comments you make about yourself to yourself, the more likely you’ll get stuck in negative body holding patterns. I never lose weight or feel pretty when I rip myself apart. I’ll write postive affirmations on my bathroom mirror “I’m perfect and beautiful” so that I’m greeted with that first thing everyday. It’s my job to believe it and live it. Your practice will soar once you can accept you’re perfect exactly as you are.

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