Lunar Effects

Are Lunar Cycle Effects Yogi Myth or Yogi Science?

"Ultimately, the body's connection with the lunar cycle is also not something to understand but rather something to experience. The moon's forces change the tides of entire oceans. Since the human body is 80 percent water, we can assume the moon's forces are also pulling on us. The result of that pull can be a full range of emotions. Science has not found a predominant trend of one emotion across all human beings, but that doesn't stop a large number of people from experiencing their own, personal change due to the lunar cycle.

Therein lies the answer to the question of how lunar cycles affect you -- it's all about your personal experience. For the next few months, consider keeping a journal of how you feel during the full moon or the new moon. You may notice a trend such as feeling overwhelmed, restless or even energized during the full moon. The new moon can bring about feelings of excitement, hope, anxiety and more. Your reaction may not correlate with a large enough percentage of people to be considered a scientific truth, but it may correlate month-to-month in your body, making it true for you.

Yogis believe the full moon is an excellent time to shed items you no longer need. Clean out your closet, your email box, your car or your to-do list. Make space in your life for something new to come in. Many women may even note this is a time their bodies are naturally prone to menstruation (in the absence of birth control which controls the body's clock), which is a biological act of shedding a layer.

On the new moon, yogis believe there is a great opportunity to set new goals. Spend time meditating -- or simply thinking about -- what you would like to accomplish throughout the month. If nothing else, the lunar cycle gives you an opportunity to come into rhythm with the universe.

Isn't this the ultimate goal of yoga, anyway? To yoke in the forces of the universe and feel them in your own body and soul? Even if you have never believed in the theories of lunar cycles in the past, give yourself a chance to flow with the rhythm of the moon, and you may find answers to questions about your own psychological and physical rhythms."

Lunar Power: Get Your New & Full Moon Boost On!
By The AstroTwins on September 13, 2011

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The full moon is a great time to release stale energy that is no longer serving you and as we release, we make space for new opportunities to open up for us. “If you set intentions, the full Moon is a time when you begin to make out the path, and can take an exhilarating step forward. It is both a culmination and a time to act on something you've imagined. In the act of doing, you have brought an idea into reality, and made magic.” In yoga, our mats serve as a mirror to us, reflecting back our fears. Whether its fear of letting go, fear of moving forward, fear of not being enough, or whatever, we recognize it through our yoga practice. When we are in a tough pose, or an easy pose, we can take a peek into our mind & notice how we handle the situation. If it is an unhealthy pattern that we discover we can learn to breath through it and handle the situation with grace & compassion. The good news is, that the mirror goes both ways and as we practice this on our mats, it automatically reflects back into our lives. So for tonight, see if you can practice letting go, you have nothing to lose, & see where it takes you.

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