Yoga Poetry

In a Corner of the Body, A Thief Sits Waiting

In a corner of the body,
a thief sits waiting
to steal your attention.
Like a pickpocket in the black market,
he hides in the dark alleys of the body,
but the breath is a lantern
rooting him out.

Catch a glimpse of him
as he rounds the corner
to hide in the hip joint,
watch him fly
as he darts between
the shoulder blades,
marvel as he ducks
under the sacrum,
laugh to see him tumble
headfirst into the pelvic bowl.

But once you catch him,
don’t throw him into prison.
Don’t bind him up in rope.
Rather, hang him out in the light,
and praise him effusively.

For when the chase is over
he will have taught you
the many secrets of the maze,
and you can start to polish
all those precious gems
he’s been guarding.

~ Leza Lowitz

 I Am the Space Between the Bones

I am the space between the bones,
the synergy that manifests between two points.
I am the expansion depending on my ability to let go.
I am potential that waits for awareness to set me free.

In this place I am infinite.
Yet my potential may not be my reality.
Where is my attention?

If I settle into this bone or that,
I’ve left the land of expansion.
If I accept this matter of “fact,”
I cease to acknowledge the other point of reference,
the other bone that allows structure to take form.

So I let myself fall over onto that side.
I dive into the other opaque density
that connects and defines form.
Then I go back and forth.

With passionate hip shakes and serpent arms,
I dance this relationship.
And this flutter from one point to the other
reminds me of the illusion of form.

Because again,
I’m not this bone or that one…
I am the pulsing sense that emanates between the two.
My inter-action is the gift of humanity
and is the catalyst for evolution and ascension.

Freely blessing “the bones”
with centered awareness and creative expression
is infinite living.

~ Alexandra Folz

Following the Breath

I feel the energy rise and fall with my breath.
Closing my eyes I follow my breath,
Like Alice down the rabbit hole I seek the edges,
Of reality,
Of my body,
Of the Energy.

When I encounter resistance,
Within my body in a pose,
I have come to understand that the root,
Of this resistance lies within my mind.

Memories etched in the unconscious mind,
In movement revealed,
Come as I am ready to heal them,
So I let them come.

I do not resist because I know,
All things in their time will surrender,
To the Love that lives within,
And the pose will evolve.

I have come to trust my breath will lead me to relinquish the pain
And bring me to that moment of release,
Where my being conjoins,
And I reach the state of Oneness.

~ Liz Smith-Anderson

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