Transition, full moon, significance of letting go of the old to make space for the new. We are always in a state of flux; physically, mentally & spiritually. We are continually learning new things & forgetting the old, creating new thought patterns/neural pathways and letting old ones die out. Spiritually, we are always growing and expanding.

Asanas are transitions that flow together and are connected by breath. Your practice is more powerful when you are present not only during the asanas, but also during transitions. Just like the transition matters in asana practice, so too does it matter in meditation. Transitions are like the darkness in between the stars, they make the bright moments stand out for us. Light/Dark, Sun/Moon, full moon/new moon, left/right, male/female, conserving/consuming, Up/Down, fire/water, energy/particle, formless/form, without thoughts/with thoughts are all contrasts. There is a flux to everything in life, and it makes for good contrast. Without contrasts, we would not appreciate the beauty in life.

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