Well, the sages say, if you want to realize the purpose of human birth and enter the abode of supreme bliss, then you have to change your view on life.  It's that simple - you have to change.  Much of your life has been created from your unlimited supply of negative concepts.  Purify them.  Give your ,mind a break.  Have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever considered what your mind must think about you?  Give your mind a break avery now and then.  It wants to be free from your clutches.

Consciousness is the very nature of the mind, and Consciousness is totally free and steady at the smae time.  So let the mind become still; it wants to become still and savor its own elixer.  Let it eb.  Don't drag it off to go shopping with you.  Let the mind become sserenc; then a fountain od joy will flow within you.  When a meditator learns to strengthen the mind and the heart by invoking the presence of contentment within he drinks from that fountain of joy.