Gunas - The scriptures of India identify three essential qualities of nature, which determine the inherent characteristics of all created things. They are sattva (purity, light harmony, and intelligence); rajas (activity and passon); and tamas (dullness, inerta, and ignorance).

Sattvic happiness arises from the discipline of the mind and the senses.

Once again, tamasic happiness is wretched and thrives on laziness and others' pain.  Rajasic happiness seems like nectar in the beginning, but turns to poison in the end.  Sattcic happiness is born of restraint, and though it may seem bitter at first, in the end produces a fountain of nectar.

Beyond these three kinds of happiness is the pure bliss of the Self, which transcends the three gunas.  Bliss is absolutely free from the stains of this world.  Bliss is the very nature of Consciousness.  When you say, "The sunrise of supreme bliss shimmers in every particle of the universe," you acknowledge its presence.  You give it the honor that is due.  You make the experience your own.  It is not someone else's; it belongs to you.  Supreme bliss belongs to you; you actually take possession of it.  Then whenever you or someone you know goes through something less than bliss, you begin to experience deep compassion.  There is a point below which your spirits never fall.  You are no longer devoured by maya, by illusion.

What kinds of happiness have you experienced in your life?  There may have been times when you experienced tamasic happiness.  And than, once in a blue moon perhaps, you were happy for no reason at all.  Just simply happy.  You didn't see a deer in the woods you were just happy.

What kind of happiness have you known best?  Sweet happiness?  Bitter happiness?  Bittersweet happiness?  Pure happiness?  Impure happiness?  Happiness that is mixed, both pure and impure?  Something to contemplate.