Sublime teachings of Douglas Brooks


* Tantra can be defined as "looming together weaving together."  Tan - means "to stretch" or "to expand," while - tra means "to integrate."  This definition of tantra can be used as a metaphor for discussing spiritual community.  Each member of the kula might be seen as a thread, that when woven together becomes tapestry.  Thread alone  has very little function.  It can even be lost or broken quire easily.  The value of thread is found in its functioning together with other threads.  Thread can be used to mend and it can be used to attach things together.  When thread is woven into cloth, the cloth becomes infinitely more useful than a handful of single threads.  It is the same for us within a sangha or community - we have the opportunity to be woven into a beautiful cloth.  As we bring our individual skills to the group, the group becomes stronger and more functional for service.  We, in turn, have function, purpose, strength and stability when bounded in such a way.  This bounding creates a continuity of support even when we are not physically surrounded by the ones with whom we practice.  This support becomes an internal sanctuary that backs us up and gives us strength to live in the world with values of a spiritual practitioner.

* Don't worry about being perfect. Step into your Beauty

* In your vulnerable moments you are held by the current, floating. In your empowered moments you swim with the current. In your ultimate moments you and the current are one. You don’t feel the difference between you and the current. That's Anusara.

* Kali says Stop asking what is not being offered, and to return to the realm of what is being offered.

* Truth is a plural narrative

* People aren't factual truths so much as what they can create as their narrative: people are the stories they tell about themselves and about others.

* Who’s credible? Now that’s a word about having heart. Credo, credential, .... all cognate words, words about the heart, like courage of course. What counts as creds? We always need to ask.

* When conditional love and unconditional love meet - that's intimacy

* the beauty of the Self is that it advances and progresses

* When you are truly given a gift, gratitude is the only possible response. A gift is not a transaction or a wager. As such, it's not earned, deserved, nor is a gift possible to pay back.* Shri is the unyoked potential of abundance, the certain prospect of creating value and maintaining worth, and the ultimate claim that hope will always fill the future with possibilities as yet undreamt.

* Receive it all and now you can step fully into it all.

* Certainty is more dangerous than ignorance.

The beauty of Anusara is that the essence is moving. The moving is essential.

Embracing that paradox is realizing that it wants to be mahadeva, the one who creates the world out of the choices that try to make the right choice. The optimal choice. While at the same time you have to defer. You have to give up to other peoples choices. Because you can become greater for that not lesser.

What do you want?
Learning to ask for what we want is at the very heart of a Tantric yogi. And if you can't know to ask for it you can't possibly know you can have it.

'Appa said, "you know what God says in the Bible?"

My ears all perk up. Because Appa talked about the bible like three times.

God said, "vengeance is mine".

And I said, "Appa why is that a good idea?

And he said, "Because it's not yours. Because it doesn't belong to anyone but god. In which case you don't get to have it."

So... I kinda like that, i thought OK i can live with that kind of god.

But what the tantra invites us to is the process of value that necessarily invites comparison.
Because there is no experience, the Tantrika says, that invites otherness.

Because one of the other things that the Tantrika's want to tell you about dualists is that if they are right there would be nothing we could do about it anyway.

So even if they are right we're not going to pay much attention to what they have to say because, swaha... i mean into the fire, gotta let go fo that. he's in charge - you're not. So... quit it. Get onto some other kind of yoga because even if that is your yoga the best you can do is stand up, sing, sit down and hope for the best.'

When Hanuman rips open his heart Sita and Ram are already there.
He doesn't do it to hurt himself.
He does it to show you what could be in your heart if you are willing to open it.
How far are you willing to go?
That's all he wants to know.

~~D. Brks~~

Rajanaka QOTD (Dec. 29/11): We do not seek our freedom; freedom is our very nature. We seek to bind ourselves exquisitely, to hold and to be held in the very arms of Grace as she chooses to become us.