The human body is equipped with the incredible ability to open doors to subtler realms.  Just as gold is found in a gold mine and lotuses in a pond, just as pine cones are found on a pine tree, wisdom on the tongue of a scholar, creativity in the hands of a painter, innocent laughter in a chid, lightning in rain clouds, steam in hot water, and tenderness in a generous heart, in the same way, the great Self can be found in this human body.  It does exist; and its nature, which is bliss can be experiences.

And do you know what the best part is?  This experience does not have to be a one-time thing.  It can become an unfading source of inspiration, bringing forth ver-new and ever-fresh experiences.  The bliss of the Self is inexhaustible.  It is unlike anything else.  A gold mine can rn dry.  The more gold you take out, the less remains - until all that's left is dirt and rock.  But when you tap into the bliss of your own inner Self, the more emerges.