Embrace the Feminine

by Mijanou Montealegre Mystic, artist, mother, founder of MYSTICMAMMA.COM

As the archetypal energy of the mother, it embodies the qualities of love, compassion, intuition, receptiveness, openness and vulnerability. It also represents the darkness from where all things emerge, the emotional depths of the soul and the rivers of passions that yield creative expression and render inhibition.

There is a palpable power in the feminine that is so amazingly strong that it has been feared and persecuted for ages. We are now on the brink of a resurgence of this feminine energy coming forth.

Culturally we have all been living under a patriarchy, directed to value the material world above all else. Since the beginning of the industrial age, when the glorification of reason and the intellect became paramount, anything having to do with the emotions and the intangible realms was viewed as not only inferior, but also as infantile foolishness left over from the dark ages. Reason became touted as the mark of evolution for mankind, and most sought to disassociate themselves from the merits of the emotions or any beliefs in an animate universe. Anything that was not accounted for within the world of appearances was nonexistent. We have been living with this mentality for ages, and now we finally have the opportunity to shift it.

Reason can no longer stand alone as the sole basis for our reality. It is time to integrate our gifts of reason and the intellect with our gifts of intuition and the path of the heart. There have been great minds, scientists and pioneers who have contributed much in the intellectual realms and have also acknowledged the power of the feminine, of intuition in their works. Albert Einstein, being one of them, once said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

We are moving away from a solely mind-based reality into coexisting with a heart-based one. As we begin to expand our thinking and shift our planet into a greater awareness, both individually and collectively we must yield to this energy of the feminine rising within each and every one of us. It can no longer be silenced and repressed for it is exactly what is needed in our time to balance the imbalances of our planet. Each of us is being called to yield to this force as it seeks expression in our lives. It is no longer about thinking our way through life any more, but we must open up to the feminine and allow our intuitive-feeling powers to guide us.

Opening up to the feminine principle can take many forms and expressions. Perhaps it's in freeing our emotions, in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, in opening our hearts with compassion for others, in finding our service, in becoming more receptive, intuitive and creative. Perhaps we can let go of our inhibitions, and free ourselves from the mental constructs of who we can or cannot be. This force is powerful, beautiful and healing. Allowing it to flow opens us to our connection to source, to the ever-flowing stream of "mother energy" in the universe. We have been cut off from the mother and disconnected from our source, but she is calling us, waiting for us to experience her magic.

As more women begin to feel and embrace their magnificent inner beauty and the innate powers that they posses as direct expressions of the feminine, and as men begin to allow their receptive, intuitive natures to also emerge, we will open up to a more expanded reality ignited by a deep sense of reverence for our planet earth and each other. For the return of the feminine is not only a yielding to the stream of love that flows through us, but it is also a return to living life in a sacred manner, in a way that brings harmony and healing to all.

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