25 New Year Resolutions for 2012

25 New Year Resolutions for 2012

25 New Year Resolutions for 2012Frank LipmanDecember 27

More Real Food, Less Food-like Substances
More Fruit and Vegetables, Less Sugar, Gluten and Dairy
More Plant Foods, Less Animal products
More Organic, Less Chemicals
More Clean Products, Less Toxic Products
More Chewing, Less Eating
More Water, Less Alcohol
More Walking, Less Driving
More Exercising, Less Sitting at the Computer
More Music, Less Noise
More Recycling, Less Waste
More Outdoors, Less Indoors
More Meditation, Less Worry
More Slow, Less Hurry
More Smiles, Less Anger
More Love, Less Hatred
More Fun, Less Serious
More Letting Go, Less Holding On
More Being, Less Doing
More Presence, Less Absence
More Generosity, Less Greed
More Forgiving, Less Blaming
More Ubuntu, Less Me
More Inclusion, Less Exclusion
More Health Care, Less Disease Care

Our health should be a human right but is being undermined by powerful economic and political forces. From the processed food industry and agribusiness to pharmaceuticals, there are well-funded interests making money by keeping us unhealthy. We cannot be passive anymore. We need to take responsibility for our own health, the health of our families and the world at large.

Let 2012 be the year when the Wellness Revolution really kicks in.

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