Love Raids are sacred rampages of total kindness and uninhibited fervor in your being to let someone know how gorgeous they are and all the ways you want the world to remember that it’s very nature is ecstasy. 

Love Raid

You are Perfect
You are Grace
You are Love

Everything about you is perfection becoming more perfect
There’s no end to your perfection
You Are That
You are the Great Expanse
Of Perfection becoming more perfect

How can Grace fall from Grace?
You cannot fall from Grace
You are Grace
Grace falls as Grace
It’s too big of a burden
To carry around..
Thinking that you’ve fallen from Grace
She has not deserted you
She has not cast you out
You cannot catch her
She never ran away from you
She is You
And when She does fall
It’s just like perfect ripe fruit
In the flow of gravity
Cracking open on this earth
Offering nourishment to all

love me

You are seen.
You are known.You are loved.
~ Nadia Narain

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