You must not want it bad enough….

How bad do you want it? 

- via Natalie Jill (thank you - i needed a little inspiration)


There is not enough time in the day.
You have too much to do.
You can’t afford it.
You don’t understand it.
It won’t work for you.
It hurts.
It’s early.
It’s late.
It’s closed.
It’s her fault. It’s his fault.
You are unprepared.
You are tired.
You are too old.
You are too weak.
If only this, if only that.
Another set back.
I quit.
It can’t be done!
You make time in a day and get done.
You start earlier and go later.
You find less expensive options.
If you don’t understand it you learn it.
If it doesn’t work you, figure out what will work for you.
If it hurts, you change it up.
If it’s early you embrace it.
If it’s late you enjoy it!
If it’s closed you take it outside or to another location.
It’s never someone else’s fault.
You are prepared.
You aren’t tired because you are rested.
You are another year wiser.
You are stronger than yesterday
The timing is perfect!
Another opportunity.
I’m just getting started.
I just did it!

Run to Suppress Hunger

Running is cardiovascular training exercise per excellence. It can help you shed more weight by booting calorie burn and metabolism , but it can also help you prevent weight gain by suppressing appetite. According to a study published in the Journal of Sport Sciences, subjects who had completed a long run reported lower levels of ghrelin, the hormone in charge of hunger, than a group who didn’t exercise.

Deadlift for Six-pack - Total-body
The best way for getting a six-pack instead is via using total-body exercises such as deadlifts, chin-ups and squats. These types of exercises recruit more muscles, shed mad calories, and improve core strength, thus leading to greater fitness rewards.

Get in the Mood

Turn on the Music! Music is such an amazing mood enhancer! Just as sad music can make you sadder, upbeat music can not only put you in a better mood, but it can really revive your energy!  Ever notice how you feel when you are out with friends and there is loud upbeat music?  If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but feel ‘up’ or ‘good’ with some rocking tunes on!  I notice on days where I need to get to the gym but “just don’t feel like it”, if I crank some upbeat dance music it gets me motivated to get out the door and GET my workout ON!

Just do 15! Okay, you really DON’T feel like it, but you KNOW you need to workout.  Tell yourself to “just go for 15 minutes” and then you can stop if you’re not feeling it. Chances are, once you are 15 minutes into your workout you will WANT to continue but if you don’t, you at least gave it an honest effort, and still did something for a few minutes.
Put your gym clothes on- Sometimes just changing out of your Sunday couch potato pajamas or out of your weekday work clothes  into you workout clothes will drastically change your motivation and mood!
Tell a friend your intentions- Tell people your intentions to workout. The more people you tell, the more accountable you will be. Even better, plan to MEET a friend or training partner for your workout.
Make a healthy shake. Pre-workout, I love to havewhey and a piece of fruit. Somehow getting serious with my pre-workout nutrition mentally prepares me for my workout! If you own a vitamix it makes it fun and easy to make amazing smoothies! I use flavored whey, some berry’s, coconut water, and voila!  I feel ready to tackle my workout head-on!
Caffeine- If all else fails, caffeine to the rescue.  I know some may disagree, but for ME, caffeine works.  I am a caffeine fan, especially when it comes from more natural sources like green tea, coffee, or some of the better pre-workout powders and drinks out there. Not only can it speed up your metabolism, give you better focus, and help you drop weight; but it ALWAYS gets me in the mood to tackle my workouts!
So now stop reading this and GET TO IT!  Have a great workout!

Crushing Legs . . . The Workout

1.  Donkey Kicks – 50 reps each leg – Lying on your hands and knees, one leg at a time do the old fashioned “donkey kicks”.  For a demo of that exercise click HERE: Donkey Kick Demo
2.  Leg extensions – 25 reps – Pick a weight that you can do 25 reps but make sure it gets challenging at the 15 mark. You should be pushing yourself here! Keep the tempo consistent, and controlled…feel the burn in the quads…and don’t let the weight SLAM your legs back!  Explode on the extension, and control the contraction.
3.  Hamstring curls – 25 reps – Same as above. Pick a weight amount that is challenging but that you can do 25 reps. 15-25 should be hard. Keep the tempo consistent and controlled.
4.  Plie squats -  25 reps – Form is important here. Standing, with your feet shoulder width apart, point your toes outward. Hold a weight in your hands and plea squat down. Do 25 of these at tempo. They should be challenging and burn at 25. For a demo of this exercise look HERE: Plie Squats
5.  Round the world 4-Point Lunges – Alternating legs, 10 on each leg (each round of 4 is ONE rep). No weights for this one! For a demo of this exercise look HERE: Lunge Around The World
6.  Jump Rope for 2 minutes – This is where you will really get your heart rate up! Have fun with this. Jump rope  or mimic jumping if you don’t have a rope. The goal is to keep your heart rate up!

REPEAT all of the exercises above 3-4 times...and THEN you are through!

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide

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