The 7 Chakras

Chakra balancing meditation is good for the body, mind and sprit. Chakras are the junction point between physiology and consciousness. There are seven chakras. Let’s go in details of the each chakra one by one.

-1st chakra is root of the spine. Color is red. Mantra is “LAM”. It is primordial sound or vibration. We need to be in the position of sitting or standing. We should be having our attention on the root of the spine and our spine should be straight. Pronounce the mantra LAM, while chanting mantra, we should visualize the color red with our eyes closed. Initially pronounce mantra loudly and than silently.

-Lets talk about the second chakra. It is on the back of the spine, near the genital area. Color of the second chakra is orange and its mantra is “VAM“. We should visualize the color orangeand pronounce the mantra “VAM” first loudly than silently.

-Lets concentrate on the third chakra. It is on the pit of the stomach (solar plexus). The mantra of the third chakra is “RAM” and it color is “yellow“. We should visualize the color yellow while pronouncing the mantra “RAM”. We should always remember that first we have to pronounce mantra loudly and than silently.

-Now, we will practice the fourth chakra i.e. heart chakra. This chakra is associated with love, compaction and peace. The color of the heart chakra is green and the point of concentration is heart. The mantra of the heart chakra is “YAM”, so close your eyes and visualize the color green and pronounce the mantra “YAM“.

-Our next chakra is “throat chakra”. Its color is blue. Mantra of the throat chakra is “HAM” and point of concentration is throat. Visualize color blue after closing your eyes and pronounce the mantra “HAM“.

-Lets concentrate on the sixth chakra. Its color is “Indigo”. We should concentrate on the third eye (head) i.e. eye of intuition. Mantra of the sixth chakra is “OM“, so close your eye, visualize color indigo and pronounce the mantra OM first loudly than silently.

-Finally, let’s practice the Crown Chakra. Color is all colors of the rainbow. Maintain silence while concentrating on the crown chakra. Visualize all the color of the rainbow but violet (color of spirituality) dominates.

Healing, Balancing, and Opening Your Chakras with Exercises, Foods, Colors

The Sanskrit word “chakra” means wheel or disk that symbolizes one of seven basic energy centers in the body in which energy flows through.  Each of these centers correlates to major nerves branching forth from the spinal column.  Each point also correlates to levels of consciousness, emotional states, colors, body functions and much more.
Since chakras are like power stations of our energy, it’s wise to keep these centers tuned and in balance and working in harmony.   Chakras absorb energy that we encounter in our lives such as from our thoughts, feelings, the outside environment and people we meet. Our body is affected by the quality of the energy that passes through these chakras.  For example, if we harbor negative feelings, we will be filtering negative energy through our chakras and into our body.  Over time this can make our body ill.   There are many different ways to tune your chakras.  There are too many to discuss in this short blog, but do some research, ask your teacher, and explore the many books available out there.

Here is a brief description of each chakra, their colors, symbols and what they represent, starting from the top:

7 Chakras for Beginners: Healing, Balancing, Opening Chakras: Exercises, Foods, Colors The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.

Blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to illness so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Here's our quick summary of the 7 Chakras:

1. Root Chakra - Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.
Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.
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1st chakra

2. Sacral Chakra - Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.
Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
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2nd chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.
Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
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3rd chakra

4. Heart Chakra - Our ability to love.
Location: Center of chest just above heart.
Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace.
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4th chakra
5. Throat Chakra - Our ability to communicate.
Location: Throat.
Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth.
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6. Third Eye Chakra - Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.
Location: Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Chakra)
Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.
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7. Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
Location: The very top of the head.
Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss.
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7th chakra

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