The Splendor of Recognition - by Swami Shantananda

An Exploration of the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam, a Text on the Ancient Science of the Soul

The Splendor of Recognition was published by Siddha Yoga Publications in 2003 and is now out of print, selling for around $270 used!  I have taken the liberty to choose and post some of the immensly beautiful excerpts from the text.  Enjoy!

Editorial Review (from the Publisher)

Swami Shantananda guides the reader through an century Shaivite scripture that crystallizes in twenty brief statements the teachings on the process of "recognition": the illusion-dispelling awareness that the cosmos in all its variety (including the reader himself!) is a manifestation of God's own being. Swamiji writes, "For me, the most exciting aspect of Shaivism is precisely this: the power of our own awareness to create an extraordinary reality in every moment of our life."

Through lively analysis and vivid examples from his own spiritual journey, Swamiji gives readers the means of engaging with these exalted teachings directly. In the words of Professor Paul E. Muller-Ortega, "Swami Shantananda's commentary on the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam signals a new moment in the evolution of the Western encounter with the esoteric traditions of medieval Shaivism, a moment in which many decades of dedicated practice combine with many years of careful and traditional study of a scripture to give rise to a quite beautiful result: a book that makes accessible to many what otherwise would remain inaccessible to most."

This book is unique in engaging both the analytical and the experiential, making an essential and abstruse text of Kashmir Shaivism--perhaps the most refined system of Indian philosophical thought--available to advanced seekers and students of yoga and meditation so that they can contemplate its wisdom and apply it in their daily lives.

Kashmir Śaivism -- Doctrines -- Early works to 1800.
Soul (Hinduism)


Machine derived contents note: Contents
Foreword by Paul E. Muller-Ortega
The Sutras - Sanskrit
The Sutras - English
Introduction: A Journey of the Spirit 

1. Consciousness: The Creative Power of the Universe
2. The Mirror of Consciousness and Its Countless Reflections
3. The World of Our Experience
4. The Principles of Manifestation Exist in Our Bodies
5. Universal Consciousness Descends to Become the Mind
6. Perception and the Human Condition
7. The Many Facets of the One Reality
8. Revelation and Concealment from Different Points of View
9. Destiny: The Choice Is Ours
10. The Five Acts of the Lord
11. The Five Acts of the Yoga
12. The Assemblage of Powers Contained in the Alphabet
13. Paths of Inward-Facing Contemplation
14. The Self Is Always Apparent
15. Within Us, the Entire Universe
16. The Bliss of a Liberated Yoga
17. Expanding the Center: KuoØalina Unfolds
18. Approaches to Expanding the Center
19. Samadhi and Its Imprint
20. Mastery over the Vibrant Wheel of Powers 

Epilogue: On a Visit to Kashmir
Appendix 1 The Lineage of Masters: Guru Parampar
Appendix 2 The Principles of Creation: Tattvas
Appendix 3 The Perceivers: Pram...t...s
A Note on the Sanskrit
Glossary of Technical Terms
Suggested Reading