Ahem, You’re Worth WAAAAY More Than THAT!

by Mastin Kipp on July 28, 2011

There is another common pattern I’ve been seeing within the #TDL community lately – settling for the first thing that comes along.

Settling is a symptom of a lack of consciousness. We are the co-creators of our lives, which means we, in concert with The Uni-verse, can consciously design what kind of life we want to live. Many of my mentoring clients this week have given into settling. It was a common theme yesterday.

If we consciously design our lives, then why take a job that makes you feel miserable? Why enter a relationship with someone who doesn’t value and cherish you? Why tolerate undesirable circumstances?

The Uni-verse doesn’t award points for martyrdom, unnecessary suffering or low self-esteem. We are Loved by The Uni-verse no matter what, but we were born to live a fulfilled life.

This cannot happen if we settle. If you need money and don’t have enough to live your own creative expression, then you may have to get a job you don’t love, but you have the choice to choose the circumstances. You can design your life to make money and express yourself. You can also choose to see challenging job circumstances as opportunities to grow and be grateful for the contrast of not getting what you want, so you can design what you do want.

Since you are the co-creator of your circumstances and how you respond to them, you get to actively choose what you do with your free time, how you interpret the events of your life and what your final goal is. A dead end job isn’t dead end if it’s helping pay your bills while you construct your masterpiece. Annoying coworkers aren’t annoying if you can see them as helping teach you love, self-love and acceptance.

Regarding dating, we all date at the level of our self-esteem. So if you’re not getting what you truly desire from your relationship, look into the true motives about why you choose who you choose.

Having high standards and not settling requires us to spend more time with and on ourselves, becoming the people it takes to create the life of our dreams. We don’t allow fearful or manipulative people, places and circumstances to dictate our outcome. We’d rather walk alone than with someone who drains us.

You have the same 24 hours in your day as everyone else. You have the same opportunity to apply an empowering and loving meaning to the events and circumstances of your life. You have the opportunity to raise your self-esteem and date at the level of love and vulnerability rather than fear and manipulation.

What are you going to do with this power of choice? Let me know: WhatImGoingThru@TheDailyLove.com


Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love.