Wish I was here.....

Or riding my Cannondale road bike on this warm, smooth road,
with nearby hills to climb.....

Even though Calgary, should be called WinterCity, having only two seasons - Winter & construction or stampede season. I know how fortunate we are to live here. 

I am grateful:
  • to breathe fresh air, even if it's cool & crisp most of the time
  • to be close to the mountains for biking & to ski (when there's too much snow for biking)
  • for my friends
  • the amazing electronic bass music scene that has evolved over the years
  • for the strong communities & kulas I'm part of
  • for my career
  • to have the honor to share my love of yoga with others
  • to have ideas, followed by resourses & determination to make things happen  
With everything that's happening in the world I am reminded of how fortunate we are and how trivial daily complaints can comparison to the global picture.  I try to help as much as I can, still there's feelings that its not enough....then I'm reminded and filled with gratitude...

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