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Shaktipata-anusarena Shishyonugraham Arahati

By entering into the current of the Divine Shakt's decent into the heart,
the true disciple becomes capable of receiving Grace.

~Kulamava Tantra 14.38~

Here is one of the most elegant and subtle statements about yogic practice made anywhere, we are offered a powerful and practical insight: The sincere practitioner of yoga, the true disciple, gains access to the Divine's own creative energy by entering into the Divine's own creative energy by entering into the Divine's presence which has descended into his or her own heart.  By touching the current of Divine grace flowing through our bodies, minds and hearts, we gain access to an entirely new, awakened and joyous experience of life.  What is required of the yogin is to open the heart in odder to experience this freely given gift of grace, which naturally flows through our being.  To open our hearts to this grace is to experience directly that Divine presence.


Brooks is reminding us that yoga is not an intellectual process-it is a love affair, born in the heart of the true practitioner.  We must open our hearts in order to be capable of experiencing grace and to discover out true worth.  We are essentially good.  We are, by our nature, worthy of receiving grace.  In fact, our truest self is ever immersed in the flow of grace.  It is only the myth of separation that blinds us to this knowledge and direct experience.

Interestingly, this verse from the Kulamava Tantra could also read: "By entering the current of the Divine Shakti's decent into the heart, the true disciple becomes worthy of receiving grace."  In Sanskrit, worthy and capable are the same word, telling us that essentially there is no distinction between these two states.  Therefore our practices are not about proving ourselves worthy or even about making us capable.  The practices are about revealing to us what is essentially true about ourselves in our most natural state, outside of how we feel about ourselves in any moment and untouched by our conditioning and out psychological strategies.  Our true worth is not about the Sleeping World's demands and expectations.  Our original state of essential goodness is not even affected by our behaviour.  Our spiritual practice allows us to glimpse beyond our false perceptions of ourselves by assisting us to open our hearts to what is true in each moment.  The present moment then reveals to us our Divinity where both worthiness and capability come together as one.

(from Yoga from the Inside Out - Christina Sell)


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